Greetings Parents!

Welcome to the instruction manual the stork forgot to leave!

Here is where you can find answers to your parenting worries, concerns and doubts and get solutions, relief, results, confidence and joy with quality PCI Parent Coaching® services and products.

Do you have trouble getting your child to sleep, in his own bed?
Are you challenged by sibling rivalry?
Is trying to manage the internet and other screen machines driving you crazy?
Are you perplexed by which discipline technique to use?
Do you continuously struggle to juggle your work, life and family roles?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! I am here to help you fine-tune your parent-child relationship.

Now, ask yourself…

What is your personal parent wish list?

  • to find a more satisfying work-life balance as you juggle career and family?
  • to get yourself, your household and your children more organized in order to optimize success and reduce stress for all?
  • to create more time and energy for yourself as a parent?
  • to sort through the mounds of parent resources and advice, decide what will work best for you and actually put it into practice?
  • to be the most confident and well prepared expectant parent you can be?
  • to be more confident setting boundaries and disciplining your children?
  • to better address the challenges of step-parenting and bring more harmony to your blended family?
  • to receive guidance about what will ensure school success and happiness for your child?

Parent coaching will grant your wish!

We all want our homes to be a peaceful, productive, loving and safe place but making that kind of life for our families is not always easy. Parent coaching will give you the support and guidance you need to make your family dreams come true.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a new age resource for age old parenting issues that engages you in an extraordinary series of focused conversations guaranteed to reduce your stress and empower you to be the authentic parent you want to be!

Who is it for?

Prospective, expecting, new, not-so-new, and yes, even veteran parents. Working parents, full or part-time, or stay-at-home moms and dads. Step-parents or adoptive parents, too – whatever way you approach it, parenting is a challenging job.

What is it for?

Feeling prepared, managing challenges, gaining confidence, becoming empowered or reviving enthusiasm about your parenting. Want to raise awesome kids? Parent coaching can redirect your parent energy toward any goal.

When to do it?

Whenever you want to prepare for a new challenge or address a current issue, coaching will assess your parenting strengths, determine your parenting style, and transform your life as a parent.

Where is it done?

Over the phone, or in person. Thanks to modern communication, clients need not be local. Consultations and coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone as well as in person.

How is it done?

As your parent coach I will guide you to:

  • Discover what you are capable of! Learn how to think outside the box, beyond your current mindset and abilities. Begin to better appreciate all that is going well in your family. Let’s discover your many successes!
  • Define your Dream and fulfill your family aspirations! Do you desire more time for yourself? . . . I will help you realize it. Do you want to feel more confident about handling the teen years? . . . I will help you achieve it. As a working parent do you crave a work-life rhythm with less stress? . . . I will help you grasp it. Whatever your dream is, coaching will help you attain it!
  • Design your journey and identify the steps that will bring you to your destination. Together we will devise customized and concrete activities that best fit your needs and get you the results you want.
  • Realize your Destiny and celebrate your progress! Eventually you will recognize that you and your family are indeed living your dream! How fantastic will that feel? That feeling of confidence will sustain you until your next parenting challenge, one you will be competent enough to handle by yourself.

Just imagine what it will look like to become a Progressive Parent, one who is proactive and prepared for the parenting challenges of raising children through life’s developmental stages into adulthood!

We are head and shoulders above the rest! Contact me to see how parent coaching will work for you!