About The Progressive Parent

The Progressive Parent, LLC is here to help you grow and experience the countless benefits of evolving into a more confident parent! New parents, blended families, single parents and step parents all discover renewed confidence and an increase in family harmony through parent coaching.

Here is what I, as your TPP parent coach, will work with you to do!

  • Manage challenging behaviors.
  • Achieve and sustain a manageable work-life balance.
  • Reduce sibling rivalry
  • Deal with difficult transitions.
  • Increase awareness of child development.
  • Get you organized!
  • Build the family of your dreams.
  • Minimize stress!
  • Optimize your self-care.
  • Discover a discipline style that is in line with your parenting style.
  • Advocate for yourself and your child.
  • Address school related issues.
  • Get you through the teen years.
  • Eliminate challenging sleep issues.
  • and more . . . !!!

There is no issue parent coaching can’t address!

The Progressive Parent (TPP) also provides consulting, seminars and workshops to support and guide individuals and couples. A parent coach is not a therapist, counselor, doctor or clergy – but your coach can help you identify when these services might be necessary and assist you in acquiring those resources.