My Mission & Philosophy


The mission of The Progressive Parent is to provide high impact coaching that helps parents manage the challenges of parenting and enables their children to realize their greatest potential in their own lives and in the world around them.


Parenting is an exciting yet challenging journey that demands thoughtful preparation in today’s ever-changing world. Parents who plan, anticipate, and stay informed are better able to progress with their children through each developmental stage. Progressive Parents find self-assurance and satisfaction in their parenting skills and revitalize their joy in parenting as they and their children confront each new stage of development. The guidance and support that coaching offers energizes parents to renew their strengths, to re-affirm their identity as parents and to raise happy confident children!

Coaching Services

Let me get you started! Become the parent you want to be today.

Call today to start optimizing your family! Parenting advice and tips are available for any parent, of any age child, on any issue. 

How Parent Coaching works:

  • 45 – 50 minute telephone coaching conversation scheduled once per week.
  • face-to-face sessions or in-home visits available given geographical location.
  • 12 sessions or a three month commitment is optimal when working on quality long term change or you can purchase sessions one at a time, you decide.
  • E-mail access to your coach.
  • Follow-up summaries and assessments provided.
  • Resources and research supplied as needed.
  • All coaching is confidential. We make a commitment to you and we expect you to be accountable as you work with your parent coach.
  • Fees: sign up for the entire 12 session program at a discount rate or break it down into monthly or individual sessions. All fees are payable in advance by check or credit card.