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“Step parenting is more challenging then we ever anticipated. The family dynamics of step-parenting adds a new meaning to the word stress. Connie taught us that being a step parent requires a different approach and needs to be handled like the merging of two companies. Her ability to assist us in establishing a realistic vision of how we wanted to organize and manage our new family according to OUR own family values was extremely helpful. Our only regret is that we didn’t seek out parent coaching services before our remarriage, planning ahead would have eliminated many struggles and increased our confidence as step-parents from the start. ”

Molly and Tim, Newton, MA

“My coaching experience with Connie increased my confidence parenting my teens. As a father, I found the teen years to be very challenging and Connie provided me with many helpful insights and parenting tips. My positive attitude has even rubbed off on my teens.”

Marc – Appleton, WI

“Tabitha and I enjoyed working with Connie. We found it to be very helpful sitting down with each other and talking about some of our concerns about parenting. Issues were discussed that might not have been talked about otherwise. This provided us with more confidence as parents to be. We also found it interesting to discover our parenting styles. It was reassuring to discover that we have many similarities. We gained many helpful insights to parenting such as how to handle media, and how to approach challenges as a team when they arise. We are grateful for having this opportunity to meet with Connie before having our first born.”

Tabitha and Kevin – Damariscotta, ME

“Working with Connie was very affirming to me as a single parent. She let me know what my strengths were as a parent and always gave me positive feedback. As a working parent she made me realize the importance of not only devoting time to my children but also taking time to care for me. Connie has helped me increase my confidence as a parent and feel more prepared for the teen years. Thank you Connie for helping my children and I smile more! “

Emily – Chicago, IL

“Parenting is a very hard job and yet as a parent it is really difficult to ask for help and find a safe environment to get that help. Connie provided a safe and very positive environment to work on my parenting skills. I learned a lot about myself and my parenting style. I learned new strategies, came away with new tools and liked myself more as a parent in the end. I found the whole experience to be very positive.”

Hope – Brunswick, ME

“Parent coaching has been absolutely invaluable to me. It has helped me gain a new outlook on parenting and renew the joy of parenting. It has taught me how to remain focused in a positive direction while trusting my instincts. Connie has made me feel good about myself as a parent again.”

Jess Henkle – Newscastle, ME

“Getting in touch with the Progressive Parent is the best thing I have ever done. Connie has helped bring to light a new attitude as I approach the teen years with my daughter. Her encouragement and support has enabled me to realize my strengths and regain my confidence as a single parent.”

Teresa Emery – Manchester, NH

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